I have a small house, a love of clutter and an addiction to shelving. I wish I had an addiction to less clutter, tidy shelves and dusting, but they say I have a creative mind…

My office 
(or the cupboard with a window, as we like to call it)

After reading Mrs Gibson’s blog post ‘Shelves, I have a few’ the other day I realised just how much of it there actually is in our tiny little house. EVERY room has shelving, including the hall!


Our bedroom

Not only that but her post coincided with our buying a sideboard for our kitchen last week to put all the kids craft stuff in, thus reclaiming a really cluttered shelf to put nice, useful grown-up things back onto.

I’m very pleased that after 5 years we’ve reclaimed a nice space back on our kitchen, and surprised this was achieved by putting more into the kitchen (the sideboard) why did nobody tell me that before?!

(not fully decluttered, yet)

The rest of our shelving is somewhat less ornamental, and more of the cluttered variety..


Kids’ Room
The kids bunk beds even have shelves built in next to each bed!
Now, I just need the de-clutter fairy to pay as visit….
Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

Hi! I'm Rachel, a jewellery designer-maker & nature photographer. My work is inspired by the gorgeous countryside around West Yorkshire & Art Deco design. This blog is where I share my creative life and inspiration. find out more ...


  1. Reply

    Rachel Lucie Johns

    21st January 2011

    lol! thank you :)
    yes, a shelf addicts delight!

  2. Reply

    Mrs Gibson

    21st January 2011

    This is excellent! Your kitchen is marvellous, and so many delicious shelves xx