Something new

I’m busy designing at the moment, and here’s one of my new season Wedding designs. Eighteen freshwater pearls, all individually wired onto a ring with a large shiny bail. I only use sterling silver, and you can see the pearls are securely wire-wrapped.

I think I will use a fine silver beading chain as the necklace for these. I also intend to make matching earrings will will be on a long ear wire.

Much more to be made up, photographed and shown to you!

Rachel x

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NEW! Love Bird Earrings

New on Etsy and are my Love Bird Earrings.
I’ve combined Swarovski faceted heart in black diamond colour with tiny peach pearls and fine silver wire which I oxidized. A very Victorian look, don’t you think? I’m hoping these will be a hit with those vintage-loving lovers out there for valentine’s day!

The hearts have an ‘AB’ coating on the back which means they reflect lots of peachy and amethyst colours, making them really sparkly.

The pictures are taken with my new camera, and I’m really pleased with the results. It’s taken me a good few weeks to get to grips with it and get the kinds of pictures I hoped for. That’s why it’s been so quiet on my blog!

If you’d like to buy my new design, you can order them from rachellucie on Etsy or

I have more colours of these wonderful Swarovski hearts, and plenty of design ideas, watch this space!

Rachel x

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