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January 2011

Something new

I’m busy designing at the moment, and here’s one of my new season Wedding designs. Eighteen freshwater pearls, all individually wired onto a ring with a large shiny bail. I only use sterling silver, and you can see the pearls are securely wire-wrapped. I…

28th January 2011

NEW! Love Bird Earrings

New on Etsy and are my Love Bird Earrings. I’ve combined Swarovski faceted heart in black diamond colour with tiny peach pearls and fine silver wire which I oxidized. A very Victorian look, don’t you think? I’m hoping these will be a hit…

24th January 2011

Front Page Today!

Woke up to find my treasury ‘summer dreams’ was on the Etsy front page last night! Always very exciting, I hope all the gorgeous shops I featured got lots of exposure and maybe some sales :) Rachel x Rachel x…

21st January 2011

NEW ~ Tenderness Earrings

A new design for Valentine’s Day, which I will be uploading onto my shops tomorrow. I hand-shaped 0.8mm wire to form the the wires into a straight loop earrings, I then used amazing heart-shaped Swarovski crystal beads in amethyst. I’ve taken the pictures with…

21st January 2011

Addicted to shelves

I have a small house, a love of clutter and an addiction to shelving. I wish I had an addiction to less clutter, tidy shelves and dusting, but they say I have a creative mind… My office  (or the cupboard with a window, as…

21st January 2011

Cleaning Silver and Gemstone Jewellery

Do you have some old sterling silver jewellery that you just don’t wear anymore because it’s got too dull or black looking? Maybe it’s set with semi-precious stones and you don’t want to use harsh chemicals like silver dip to clean it. But a…

19th January 2011