I went to 6th from college with Kavey a very long time ago, then lost touch as you do. She’s one of the few people from college I wish I had kept in touch with. Well the wonders of twitter brought us together a few months ago. Who said social networking doesn’t have any real value?

Nowadays, Kavey is a self-confessed foodie, and has a very cool blog where she reviews food and gives you some of her thoughts on the world, it’s a great read. I couldn’t have been happier than today when I read her 36 Christmas Gift Ideas firstly because it is a really cool list of gorgeous things, and then secondly because she included my jewellery on it!

And just look at the gorgeous little montage of my jewellery she put together.  Thank you Kavey!

You must go and read (and subscribe) to her Kavey Eats blog here
Kavey’s mum, Mamta, also runs a fantastic website full of recipes called Mamta’s Kitchen, which you should check out too.

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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