Rest in peace, Lenny

15th November 2010 8 Comments


I had to go and have Lenny put to sleep today. Such a sad decision, but the right one, I know. He was 14 and he’d had kidney disease since last year and increasingly bad arthritus making it hard for him to get about and really starting to limit his life. There was no sudden downhill turn, but as the weather has been getting colder, and he got more creakier, and started getting a bit incontinent in the last couple of weeks we decided enough was enough.



Please indulge me a little whilst I remember the wonderful things about Lenny that made him so unique and special to us.

He was the biggest cat you’ve ever seen, a magnificent, masterful and territorial cat, no cat came into our garden without his say so!



I got him from the RSPCA as a tiny kitten, and he was always calm, friendly and totally placid. He put up with the kids noise and chaos, even in his ever increasing years (despite being a middle aged man when they arrived) and never used his claws on people.

He was a fantastic mouser, although this always amazed us, as despite his statuesque beauty, he wasn’t very clever. We affectionately called him ‘Lenny Gump’, or ‘Lenny nice but dim’. He even brought us a ‘present’ mouse only a┬ácouple of months ago!

His main MO at home was to throw himself on the floor whenever he saw you. He stretched out over a meter long, waiting for a tummy rub, you could rub your hand without fear up and down his belly (unlike any other cat I know). This explains why so many of our photos are of him lying down!


‘helping’ with my revision
‘helping’ Gary make the futon


Even until this year, he would drop a toy mouse at your feet when he wanted to play, which was often. He used to fetch toys and bring them back like a dog, again and again.

His purr was like a tractor, and just one of us walking into the room would set him off purring away, such a happy cat!

He never ever lost his greedy appetite. He would eat pasta and any kind of bean you gave him (even kidney beans and borlotti beans!)

He used to play a mean rhythm on our old swing bin lid!

He used to regularly come on walks with us into the woods behind the house, I think that’s where we’ll bury him.



Rest in peace, Lenny, we’ll miss you so much xxx

Rachel x

15th November 2010
17th November 2010

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    Mirjana Cesar

    15th November 2010

    Really wonderful post in remembrance of your great Kitty. He reminded me of Charlie, a cat my husband and I had years ago while we lived in Croatia. He was the king of the street. He died years before we had kids, but they heard plenty of stories about his adventures.
    Peace :)

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    15th November 2010

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. It's been such a sad day. I'll really miss the old bugger.

    Telling the kids wasn't easy tonight, we're going to bury him tomorrow.

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    Evie's Tool Emporium

    15th November 2010

    Hold your memories close!

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    15th November 2010

    Such a Big beautiful Kitty! I am so sorry for your loss. I know that it hurts terribly to let them go.

    He will be in Peace now, and forever in your heart!


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    K S Jewellery Designs

    15th November 2010

    What a sad sad day but what happy memories you have and lots of photos too. Thank you for sharing these with us and for reminding me to take more photos of our pusscat as it's easy to take their constant company for granted.
    Best wishes
    Kristin :)

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    15th November 2010

    What a beauty, and you have done the right thing, but I know that doesn't help :( Sending you all lots of love and hugs xxx

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    Diana Evans

    15th November 2010

    What a beautiful, magnificent cat – I'm so sorry you must be devastated – I lost my tabby to kidney tumours last year and still miss her every single day.
    So many memories though, you'll never forget him x

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    CeeGee Jewellery Design

    15th November 2010

    He's beautiful! So sad, hope you're OK.