Do you remember some time ago I posted a picture which  I’d taken of an elephant hawk moth that I found in my garden?

I’d always wondered if there were any more about, it was such a magnificent creature, and a large patch of rose bay willow herb grows right behind my garden (it’s caterpillar food source).

Well, yesterday, look what I found crawling across my patio!

A truly fantastic caterpillar, who was on a mission.

It was nearly 3 inches in length, and totally unwilling to stay put on the willow herb I put it on to take the picture, preferring to dangle itself off the end and drop onto the floor, I think it was trying to find a suitable place to pupate. It was very hard to capture it in a photo, these are the best I managed!

I left it undisturbed in a quiet place on the ground under the willow herb, I hope to see it flying around next year.

Just think how much it must have eaten?

Here are  the pictures of the elephant hawk moth itself.

Rachel x

8th September 2010

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    Anita Callahan

    2nd September 2015

    Hi Rachel

    We just found a beautiful big caterpillar like none we have ever seen in our garden eating my fushia plants. Thanks to you we now know what it is.

    The Callahan’s

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    10th September 2010

    thanks! it was very hard to get it to perform, what do they say about animals and children?

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    6th September 2010

    Cool picture.