I cannot believe it, but my little girl is 4 tomorrow! How did that happen, someone please explain? It seems incredible to believe that she was that tiny baby that I had on such a hot day in July 2006.

On one hand that seems so long ago, so much has changed, but on the other, she starts school in September!

She has brought so much to all our lives, and really is a little spark of life. Funny, serious, kind, generous, earnest, interested, tries so hard to be good….I won’t go on!

By way of marking the occasion, I used the search terms ‘Lily’ and ‘botanical’ to find some wonders in honour of my sweet girl.

The sweetest thing please visit the shops and leave a comment.

As she’s my youngest, I and really getting a feeling that after 7yrs with babies, toddlers and preschoolers, that phase is soon to be over.  They will both be at school, and they will be 15 before I know it.

Such a weird time of mixed feelings in my life, every new beginning is also an end (and visa versa obviously!).

Rachel x

25th July 2010

Rachel Lucie Johns

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