I won, I won!!

22nd June 2010 5 Comments

I really can’t believe it, but it was actually me (who never wins ANYTHING) who won Feltmeup Designs Blog Giveaway! Apparently there were over 300 entries, too!

Just hatched!

Well, Mel actually gave me the choice of a ‘hoot’, which the competition was for, or having the cockatiel which I picked from her shop as my favourite. After much deliberation, I chose the cockatiel (read on to find out why). He’s arrived….and he’s wonderful!

Kelly the cockatiel meets my Quernus Cat, Rinky Dink Flufflebottom

Not only did I get this wonderfully crafted little birdy, but Mel also included lots of goodies from her other shop, Inkmeup, which you can see below. I am thrilled!


So, why did I choose the cockatiel?
Because it reminded me of the one we had when I was a kid, called Kelly. Kelly was a male bird, which we could tell because he had a lot of yellow on his face, the females have very little yellow.
Then one day, when Kelly was about 5, he laid an egg! It was quite a shock, I can tell you, we’ll never know how he did that. However, after much discussion, we decided Kelly must be a SHE. She would treat us to about 2 eggs a year which she used to try to hatch for a few days, to no avail. Bless her! Kelly also spent about 3 days in the wilds of Buckinghamshire when she escaped one summer, but came back for some food, and my Mum nabbed her.
Thank you so much, Mel, for sending me such a wonderful and unexpected prize. I have managed to keep the  notebook, bird and postcards for myself (just about) but my 3yr old now has the postcard and fridge magnets on the wall beside her bed!

It just shows, never think you won’t win, you just might!

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Rachel x

21st June 2010

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    22nd June 2010

    Thanks, guys :)

    (I should have included a 'cute' warning!. )

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    Ginny Huber

    22nd June 2010

    Congrats on winning, Rachel; Kelly and Rinky Dink look like a friendly duo!

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    22nd June 2010

    Congrats! That is TOO cute! Love all the extras too.

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    Wild Woman Jewelry

    22nd June 2010

    congrats! he's too cute for words! :)

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    22nd June 2010

    Cute little bird. Glad it reminds you of one you had before.