…The people of Britain.

Here’s my latest treasury, ‘blue red or yellow’ (except I made a typo!) inspired by the General Election, and the fact that most people I spoke too were not totally decided.

I’m going to go mildly Ben Elton and do a little bit of politics (not about who should be leading or who I voted for). I just want to say to the politicians that whichever party you are from, you must be aware that your share of the vote reflects the British People’s lack of total commitment to you for many reasons.

Larger than normal numbers of people turned out to vote (of course some poor people who were turned away and didn’t get their vote) but the fact that Conservatives didn’t QUITE get in, that Labour lost a lot and that people don’t appear to be ready yet for ‘three party politics’ (sorry Liberal Democrats) shows a lot.

So, here we are, a hung parliament (presently), and a very strong message from the people. Please use this perfect opportunity for all the parties to get your act together, collaborate, cooperate and join together and do the right thing. Restore the British people’s faith in politics.

‘Nuff said.

Rachel x

10th May 2010

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    11th May 2010

    I heartily agree with you on the political situation :)

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    Quernus Crafts

    8th May 2010

    Hear hear, well said. It's been quite an eye-opener to hear all the coverage about this, and sometimes I really think the parties are just missing the point. This is about the only way that the public can be heard, and I truly hope the politicians finally get their fingers out of the ears (and other orifices) and do something about it…

    …(sidles quietly off the soapbox ;)