You might remember that I mentioned in my earlier blog post here that Gary and I were going on our first weekend without kids for 6 1/2 years (yes, that’s since we had them!).

Things have been a little hectic around here, for various reasons but I have finally made some time to report back on the wonderful weekend we had together, mainly so I can look at the pictures and remind myself it was real and not a dream!

My picture taking is random, but feel free to enjoy and comment on some of the best bits I found about a wonderfully decadent and expensive weekend away for Gary and I (one which certainly won’t be repeated any time soon).

Day 1 – Get the train from Wigan Station with reserved seats, that aren’t reserved, and the train has a carriage missing so is standing room only. This in no way even dents our delight! Friday evening arrive in Edinburgh at ‘The Glass House’ a Times recommended boutique hotel and oh my it’s beautiful. The staff are amazingly polite and friendly, nothing is too much for them, I feel the urge to apologize for being there (but manage to contain it, we paid, damn it!).

The Glass House has a converted church front and modern design behind

Our room, somewhere to sit, a walk in shower, wide screen TV, enormous bed, mini bar with everything….

We get ready to go out for the evening.

‘Smug – Moi?’

And yes, I do look rather smug.

Tea was at ‘The Dome’ which was an amazing building, and was recommended by a friend, but to be honest the food wasn’t brilliant, and it was very expensive. This didn’t dent our fun, either!

Day 2 – Rather than spend £18 each for a continental breakfast at the hotel, we took the recommendation of lots of people of going to Valvona & Crolla. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a delicatessen and Italian wine merchants and was just the most amazing shop I have ever been in, a real Aladdin’s cave, floor to ceiling wonderfulness!

It was luckily just round the corner from the hotel, and we had an amazing slap up Italian breakfast. Wonderful! I had panatone eggy bread (yes, I know that is not the proper name, but I just don’t know what else to call it) with mixed berries and cream with black coffee. Mmmm.

We then walked through fantastic Edinburgh houses to The Royal Botanical Gardens which were stunning. The weather turned out to be fantastic, a really beautiful spring day.

Here are just a selection of things that caught my imagination.

The Palm House

Just look at these stairs

These wonderful flowers were in a tank full of carnivorous plants and were being watered

Pulsatilla, so much a part of our family (homeopathically) beautiful to see them as flowers

I actually saw a fox running through the garden, too. Gary then told me he has seen in one of their displays that there are foxes living within the garden. I feel very priviledged to have seen one.
More delights to follow in another post!
Rachel x

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