Today has been a very weird day. I don’t know where to put myself, or what I am feeling.

Today was the day of the final diagnostic meeting with the team Children’s Psychology unit, where they confirmed that my 6 1/2yr old son as autistic spectrum disorder, or specifically ‘high functioning asperger’s’.

So there you go.

It’s better to know what your are dealing with, than not, and this confirms what we have long thought, but it’s still strange to hear those words. Upsetting and a relief. And really, he is just the same is he was yesterday, it doesn’t change anything. He’s a wonderful boy, so bright and passionate.

I’ll keep it brief, I’m not really sure if I should blog about it here, as it’s not just my business, but my son’s, too.

Anyway, I decided to make a treasury full of the things Robert really likes, take a look, and feel free to make a comment!

Rachel x

Rachel x

19th April 2010
22nd April 2010

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    22nd April 2010

    thanks for taking the time to say such nice things, really appreciated.

    Elizabeth – especially thinking of you and your boyfriend, hope he gets the help he needs, and thanks for the positive example about the future for my son.

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    22nd April 2010

    Hugs to you. Putting a name to it makes it a bit less scary, but it is still stressful. Take care of yourself too…this is a lot for you was well.

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    21st April 2010

    I know something of this subject as we think that my boyfriend (of 31) has the same thing. I say ‘think’ as he is only being diagnosed right now. What is on the plus side for you is your son is only 6 ½ and you kind of know what is what now, and how best to nurture him through it.

    A thing that it will mean for the future is although he will probably be a bit on the hyper or scatty side, and perhaps not sociable at times, he will also be incredibly intelligent – which is always good to know I think.

    I’m sure his psychologists will tell you more, I’d just like to say that overall to know about this early is a good thing for all of you so don’t worry too much about it.

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    21st April 2010

    Your treasury is lovely and I don't really know what to say, except, knowing has to be better than wondering. ((Hugs)) to you on this weird day.