I can hardly believe it, but Gary and I have finally arranged for 2 nights away to celebrate our 14th anniversary. It was actually in January, but seeing as we have Christmas, New Year, our anniversary, Gary’s birthday, my birthday and Valentine’s day all over by the 14th of February, we normally have neither the money nor the energy to do much for it. Add to that the fact that it is in the dank dark days of winter.

This year is different!

To say I am excited would be the greatest understatement ever. I literally never imagined the day that we might be able to go away for one night like this, never mind two! So we have grabbed the opportunity with both hands and booked a 2 night citybreak in The Glass House in Edinburgh in April. Described as a ’boutique hotel’ let me tell you that the last time we were in any kind of hotel was with 2 hysterical kids (ours) in a travel lodge about 2 years ago. Not boutique, and not fun.

It’s been quite a hard slog for us. For many reasons both complex and boring, we haven’t until recently had any family support with looking after the kids and getting a break My oldest is 6 1/2 and a ‘handful’ to say the least, family life can be intense and hectic quite often. Me and Gary have severe burnout!

So, 3 days and 2 nights in Edinburgh! We threw budget to the wind and got a real bargain on this getaway, but still far more than we have spent.

To be honest, we could both sleep the whole time, but I would love to get some recommendations of great places to visit/shop/eat in the great city. I have only been there for one day, years ago.

I’d love to hear from you if you live in Edinburgh, or love Edinburgh and find out what you would recommend.
In the meantime, I will try not to spontaniously combust from excitement before the date finally comes….

Thank you in advance x

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    26th March 2010

    hmmm, too good to be true….heard about the proposed train strike which ends on the friday we go BY TRAIN to Edinburgh. Grrrl! fingers crossed no strike…

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    Rachel Lucie Johns

    23rd March 2010

    fantastic info, thanks so much.

    shopping, galleries, eating out – right on my agenda, and all the things that would not be so easy to do with a 6yr old and 3yr old in tow!

    it's all making me more excited, though…

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    23rd March 2010

    Shopping – small shops Victoria street/Grassmarket or Stockbridge/St Stephens Street/Dundas Street.
    Eating out- there is a lovely reasonable restaurant called The Dogs in the New Town.
    Camera Obscura on the Royal Mile is good fun.
    All the Galleries are good – best coffee is at the Modern art one.

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    Dustjacket Attic

    23rd March 2010

    Oh that is so wonderful, you two sound like you deserve a fab break.

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    22nd March 2010

    am well jealous! i wanted 2 stay at the glasshouse when i went up 4 a wedding last year. the reception was at balmoral hotel. the afternoon tea at palm court there looked unbelievably luxurious and genteel – straight out of Miss Marple! i also wanted to go to mary king's close – haunted underground street. restaurants/bars in glassmarket area looked funky-independent. unfort, wasn't there long enough to do any of these things. hav super-fab adult time x

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    22nd March 2010

    Have a lovely time, we visited the botanic gardens when we went (many years ago) and they were worth a visit if you like that kind of thing. Oh and the castle of course. We took a trip out to Holyrood to if I remember correctly.
    Enjoy yourselves x