During a great day at the Ilkley Arts Market on Saturday, I couldn’t resist buying myself this cute little cat from lovely Kirsten of Quernus Crafts.

Just look at the little fella, isn’t he fab! I had to buy him, he is just my favourite colour and goes with my car, my stall, my new logo, my life…

He’s going to sit on my desk and keep me company, and come to my craft fairs with me too.

To celebrate my jewellery being included in April’s Vogue magazine, I’ve decided to have a little blog giveaway. Here’s where you come in.

Kirsten has kindly donated this wee purple cat which you can WIN! It will arrive boxed, wrapped in tissue paper and with a signed card from Kirsten herself.

All you need to do is name my new wee pale green cat

To take part:

  • Think of a great name, I decided  the cat was a ‘he’ but if you disagree, and come up with a fantastic ‘she’ name, I could be persuaded….
  • Go to Kirsten’s Quernus Crafts Folksy shop, or her blog or her etsy shop and get either the url or name of your favourite wee creature, I’m warning you, it’s difficult to choose!
  • Post both in the comments below along with your email address.
  • Got another great name? If you tweet about the competition, you get another entry (leave the url of the tweet and your twitter id in the comments also).
  • Oh, and if you blog about it, you get another entry (again, put the url in the comments here)
  • Unlimited entries via above methods, although each entry must be a new name.
Closing date is Wednesday 31st of March, and the winning name will be picked from a hat.

Best of luck!

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

Hi! I'm Rachel, a jewellery designer-maker & nature photographer. My work is inspired by the gorgeous countryside around West Yorkshire & Art Deco design. This blog is where I share my creative life and inspiration. find out more ...


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    27th March 2010

    looking through all the wee creatures, I'd still have to say I like that purple cat best. I'm rather partial to purple, see.

    As for your greeny goblin of a cat, I'd say… Peashoot came first to mind ^^;; or Tealie. Or mayble Chromo? No…

    Mossie… Mozzie? Aquanas? Gremlin?

    Oo, cindy's suggestion is cute! Franky…

  2. Reply

    Rachel Lucie Johns

    23rd March 2010

    I'm rather believer in the long winded name, now you come to mention it. My (real) cat, Lenny is called 'Lenny Beige' or 'Lenny Gump' (stupid is as stupid does).

  3. Reply


    23rd March 2010

    i love this one!


    as for a cat name, i am a firm believer in longwinded names…how about Sir Franklin Muzzlepuff? :)


  4. Reply

    Rachel Lucie Johns

    21st March 2010

    keep 'em coming! Like 'leartes' (and the quernus rainbow cats, of course)

  5. Reply


    21st March 2010

    This name popped out of nowhere, so I think I'm just going to go with it – Laertes the Craft Fair Kitty :)

    Here's my favourite, psychedelic kitty:


  6. Reply

    Made By Tammy

    20th March 2010

    Oops –
    My favorite –
    Ikat Millefiori Cat

  7. Reply

    Rachel Lucie Johns

    20th March 2010

    love those new names! glad I'm picking them out of a hat, that's all I can say, there are too many good ones for me to choose!

    Keep 'em coming, of course….

  8. Reply

    Made By Tammy

    20th March 2010

    OMGosh, those kitties are so cute!
    Maybe Nittik – Kitten spelled backwards.

  9. Reply


    17th March 2010

    I think he should be called Eric – he looks like an Eric

  10. Reply


    17th March 2010

    What about Patrick – he's green and it's st patricks day?


  11. Reply

    Rachel Lucie Johns

    17th March 2010

    Great suggestions, keep 'em coming!

    I think 'meauve' still counts, it's a clever name :)

  12. Reply


    17th March 2010

    Schrodes, after schrodingers cat. They are all adorable. I wish we had named our cats something different and interlectual, but oh no smudge and snowey!

  13. Reply


    16th March 2010

    Sorry think I named the Purple one instead of the Green!

  14. Reply


    16th March 2010

    Hi, I think he should be called – Meauve

    (mix of meow and mauve)



  15. Reply

    myroo skincare

    16th March 2010

    I love Dr Mole, so cute, don't know how Kirsten cold bear to sell him! http://quernuscrafts.blogspot.com/2010/03/dr-mole-b14-february-2010.html

    Given that lovely colour he looks he's should be called Verdigris.

    I re-tweeted your post, but don't know how to get the URl of a tweet, sorry!


  16. Reply

    The Silver Dog

    16th March 2010

    I like the little pig!


    He looks like a Whiskers to me