Romance Garnet and Freshwater Pearl necklace and earrings

You may remember in this blog post ‘pretending to be grown-ups‘ I was delighted to find out what had happened to my jewellery after it left me? Those earrings in question went on a romantic anniversary dinner for two.

My ‘romance‘ jewellery set was bought by an artist, Meredith McNeal, and during the sale process Meredith and I were in close contact due to various issues too boring to mention, but which the fault of neither of us! Meredith was warm, friendly and most patient throughout, and although I have never met her, I felt bold enough to ask her to send me some pictures of her wearing her ‘romance’ jewellery set. You know, because I am nosy!

Meridith kindly agreed, and it transpired she wore her new jewellery to the opening night of her exhibition ‘The Map as Art’ held at the Chris Henry Gallery in New York.

What an amazing piece she has created!
It looks like it was a good evening, too.

Here is a dark and mysterious picture of the lady herself, wearing ‘romance’

This is what she said ‘The necklace got lots of compliments at the opening. As did my sculpture!’

Thank you so much Meridith for giving this nosy jewellery designer a little snapshot of the life her jewellery leads far away.

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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