I love quartz crystal, and these faceted 10mm beads have inspired me endlessly this autumn. 

Immediately they made me think of ballroom dancing, with their glitterball facets. This size is large enough to create a wow for your ears, on these long chains are still elegant enough to really let you shine on the dancefloor!

…not just strictly for the ballroom…

A clean and elegant design, the quartz has a different reflective quality to glass.

All components are sterling silver, and the bead is 10mm, total earring length 60mm, just under 2.5in.

Above I have photographed them on an inscribed 19th century book that I picked up at the local marklet last week. The handwritten inscription says ‘Christmas 1896’ how appropriate for this time of year! 

Be sure to bookmark them on your favourite site below for the dance partner in your life, and elegant friend or of course for your own Christmas wishlist! 


Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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