Sophie now has 7 different coloured pairs of these!

A good friend, Sophie, had a birthday recently, and I was delighted when she told me when her other half asked her what she would like for her birthday, she chose to commission some from me!

Bottle Green Blister Pearl Bracelet

We had a fantastic afternoon round at her house at the beginning of the summer holidays, when we had the last warm spell, looking at all my new beads. Sophie is just as enthused about beads and jewellery as me! The kids all had a fantastic time playing in the garden, and we had the chance for a good old chat.

Sophie herself, modelling her Steel Freshwater Pearl Charm Necklace

I really love creating commissions, it’s a fantastic chance to make something unique that really means something to the client, and the beauty of working with semi-precious stones, sterling silver and freshwater pearls, is that apart from a little tarnish (a zip-lock bag for storage sorts that out!), there is a real longevity to the jewellery, and sense of passing something on.

Blue and Silver Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings

Here are some of the jewellery pieces that Sophie and I designed together, some for herself and others as presents. More to come when I can get her to model them again!

Rachel x

23rd September 2009

Rachel Lucie Johns

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