Loosely Inspired by Spuds…

4th May 2009 1 Comments

I got to thinking about how versatile the humble potato is, and all words we have for ways of preparing it. This got me pondering if I could create an etsy treasury using some of those words. Maybe I should be thinking about other things….

Anyway, I can now reveal my etsy treasury ‘loosely inspired by spuds’ featuring some wonderful items I found on etsy using such terms as ‘mash’, ‘spud’, ‘jacket’….well, you get the idea! I think I must have been hungry.

Click on this link to check out the shops I’ve featured: WEARABLESonaWHIM, IMOTIME, Trejitas, EmotionalOasis, arliaflower, dgfine, FrogSong, secretnerdbrigade, onegarnetgirl, GenuineArticle, prettylittle, stellalola.

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    5th May 2009

    Love your technique for coming up with a treasury. Mine is rather boring….pick a color or type item. LOL