Let’s talk about condiments….

12th May 2009 6 Comments

I love condiments.

For me, each time I make a sandwich, it’s not just a sandwich, it’s a whole new condiment opportunity.

The bread has to be toasted first, and preferably some kind of over-priced thick-sliced wholemeal seedy lifestyle bread. Then goes on the butter – not marg, or ‘can’t believe you think this is meant to taste like butter’ or whatever else they peddle, but proper butter, nice and thick, put on whilst the toast is still hot so that it melts in.

Now, let’s talk about fillings….mmmmm…condiments! I am a veggie (although I do eat fish) and most of my fillings are based around cheese, cos I love it! It’s time to decide on the condiment and the real fun starts. Pickles, chutneys, mayo, mustards, pesto…..

Here are some fav combinations:

Cheddar, wholegrain mustard & mayo
Brinjal pickle and philadelphia
Wensleydale and onion marmalade
Fried egg with french mustard and mayo
Smoked applewood and onion marmalade
Pesto and practically anything
Cheddar and thinly sliced onion with loads of black pepper and a smear of mayo
Egg mayo made with black pepper and a bit of french mustard
Houmous and pepper
Cheese and branston pickle or fruit chutney
Sardines in tomato sauce mushed up on toast
Banana and cinnamon

Then I discovered recently the art of microwaving a sandwich, just for 30-40 seconds. Great with any kind of cheese and pickle combo to melt the cheese or with banana and cinnamon. Obviously I don’t have a sandwich toaster, or this would do it for me!

I now feel I should reveal I have a new favourite. An obsession, actually – cheddar and Baxter’s Spiced Fruit Chutney, microwaved. It’s just the best, it even comes above cheddar, wholegrain mustard and mayo. I’ve had it nearly everyday I eat lunch at home for about 2 months. Try it!

Let me know your favourites, I’m always on the look out for new ideas…

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    20th May 2009

    Those condiments sound good. I love Brinjal :)

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    16th May 2009

    thanks for your feedback.

    I am still reeling from the info that people can make a sandwich without butter….

    anyway, moving on, guacamole, how could I forget it from my list! roasted veg is also great, although not quick enough for me.
    Sally, that spring onion, sweet chilli and philly sounds rather tasty too.

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    13th May 2009

    I’m British and I don’t understand buttering sandwiches either! Surely its just to stop a soggy filling slushing up the bread?… but if you’re going to eat it immediately that’s not going to happen, so….??? anyway,
    philadelphia, spring onions and sweet chilli sauce!

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    andrea creates

    13th May 2009

    You’re making me hungry!
    I like using the pannini maker I got my husband last year.Melts cheese so nicely….
    I love hot french mustard on just about anything!

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    12th May 2009

    like many americans, i’m perplexed by the buttering of toast that’s to be used for sandwiches–aussies do that too. but i’ll take your word for it. :)

    the applewood and onion marmalade sounds marvellous. and i will second the pesto and anything. i have a basil plant growing in my sunny apartment, and i LOVE pesto.

    i’m a fan of good sharp cheddar. and baby swiss. goat cheese is lovely.

    guacamole is great with veggie sandwiches as well. try it sometime…sprouts, roasted veggies, guacamole, a mild cheese, mayo…i wish i could remember all the ingredients for a favorite veggie sandwich that i used to eat all the time. but it was something like that.

    my favorite veggie sandwich of all time was roasted and seasoned veggies–eggplant, zucchini, portabello mushrooms, and caramelized onions. oh yes. it was topped with cheese and drizzled with homemade vineagrette. i will remember that sandwich for the rest of my life.

    yesss, i feel strongly about sandwiches, why do you ask? :D

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    12th May 2009

    Sorry, Rach. I eat my sandwiches dry and plain. LOL Well, maybe some mayo.