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I came back from a lovely weekend away in the caravan with the family (piccies and info later) to find my ‘very cherry’ earrings from my etsy shop had been featured on LuvHandmade.com. Thanks so much to Emily from LuvHandmade! Below is the screenshot I gleened afterwards, as I missed my moment of fame. They really have turned into ‘very cherry, celebrity earrings’

And talking of missing my moment of fame on the front page (did you see what I did there…) The treasury that I hurriedly made on Friday, and didn’t even get a screen shot of, made the etsy front page on Monday morning whilst I was away! It’s my second treasury that has been chosen for the front page, and it’s a great feeling (even if you find out after the event). Here’s a screenshot from the etsy frontpager’s photostream on flickr, what a great resource that is, thanks guys xx


I know from my good friend ovgilliesdesigns, that she sold her ‘black grape’ earrings directly as a result of the exposure. Big congratulations to all my featured artists, and hope it did the same for you too.

Featured etsy shops: ovgilliesdesigns, idea2lifestyle, onegarnetgirl, thevintagecloset, CrawfordCardinal, cphurley, NaomiMurrell, feralgirl, CatLudwigStudio, mcrdesigns, laslopezlas, apinkmilk

Should I mention I hurriedly called it ‘I’m a fluky malooky!’. No shit sherlock!

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

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    Laura Trevey

    22nd April 2009

    Congrats! Double exposure…. Way to go :)

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    21st April 2009

    Congrats on both claims to fame!! lovely earrings and treasury.

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    21st April 2009


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    OV Gillies

    21st April 2009

    Hahahahaha! Nice one Rachel! Love your writing & can't wait to see the pics of you stuck in a caravan ;D

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    21st April 2009

    That is great that you are getting exposure. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. May you start making lots and lots of sales.