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14th April 2009 1 Comments
“With these etsy treasuries you are really spoiling us, your excellency”
(Is it only me that remembers that Ferrero Roche advert, then?)I’ve had a bumper two days for being featured in etsy treasuries, take a peak and remember to click on the links so you can leave a comment and check out the other shops and the curators:

My ‘very cherry’ earrings here and here (2nd one is now ended, was a bit slow on the uptake):



Thank you to maclancy and EmotionalOasis, please visit their wonderful shops

My ‘glacier’ earrings here:


morewarped featured these earrings, she makes fantastic bags.

My ‘name these earrings’ here




judemcconkey, who curated this takes amazing and haunting photography.
Don’t forget my competition to name these earrings, which will get you 20% off any pair of earrings in my shop. I also have free international shipping all April…

My ‘lavender ice’ earrings here




Ovgilliesdesigns makes the kind of jewellery I’d like to be making, need I say more!

I am really amazed at how visually powerful etsy’s treasuries can be, and very grateful to all the etsy artists mentioned here who have all created their own pieces of ‘etsy art’. Thanks again!

This is so long, I’ll save my treasuries for tomorrow!

Rachel x

Rachel Lucie Johns

Hi! I'm Rachel, a jewellery designer-maker & nature photographer. My work is inspired by the gorgeous countryside around West Yorkshire & Art Deco design. This blog is where I share my creative life and inspiration. find out more ...

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    17th April 2009

    That’s a great batch of Treasuries to be included in!