Very Cherry Faceted Red Agate and Green Garnet Large Earwire Earrings

Very Cherry, Celebrity Earrings.

12th March 2009 0 Comments

I bought some beads, some deep, dark red faceted dyed agate beads. They were big, they were bold and I couldn’t wait for them. I bought some gorgeous grassy grossular green garnet smooth briolette leaves, just my favourite shade of green. I finally got them. I thought WTF am I going to do with these! I hadn’t bought them to put them together, they may have arrived at different times, but I thought ‘etsy destash’ straight away. I put them away. I was disappointed.

‘very cherry’ earrings.


Then one day I had a quirky idea for some kitsch cherry earrings using them both on some long sterling silver kidney wire earrings, and a star was born. Ok, lets not get too carried away. But I can say they are my best selling product, have been on the etsy front page the most, in the most treasuries and now they are featuring in the Jet Team Blog! I really thought they might not work, that it might be a joke of an idea. What do I know?! There’s a lesson here, isn’t there?

Rachel x

14th March 2009

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